Will Smith Allegedly Flees To India To Get Away From Toxic Jada Pinkett

From duck boats to sports stadiums, these tourist activities are popular for a reason.

Will Smith had to leave the country to get away from Jada Pinkett after she provoked him into the Chris Rock slap that has put a halt to his career and got him suspended from the OSCARS for 10 Yrs

You can tell he is happy to get far away from Jada by how he interacts with the fans once he gets off the plane.

He is like two different people when he is and isn’t around Jada

Reports allegedly are he is looking into divorce, and frankly, that would be the right move for Smith if he wants his career to rebound.

Here are the details of his trip via TMZ.

Will touched down at a private airport in Mumbai, India, and it was clear the paparazzi in India knew he was coming. They shouted out his name as he arrived at his hotel, and he was more than happy to give the paps, along with some serious fans, a wave and a smile.

No idea why he’s there — whether it’s business or pleasure, but he didn’t look the worse for wear … posing with someone who looks like the pilot at the hotel.

He even stopped for a few fans who desperately wanted a selfie with the actor.

Will hasn’t said anything publicly since his apology after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars … a slap that earned him a 10-year suspension from Academy events, including the Oscars.

Several of his movie projects have been put on ice in the wake of the slap. It’s unclear if they’ll be canceled altogether or whether the movie companies are just waiting for all the hubbub to die down before things get reset.

Jada, meanwhile, has been promoting how she can embarrass Will on Red Table Talk.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Will didn’t come back stateside for a very long time.

Will Smith Allegedly Flees To India To Get Away From Toxic Jada Pinkett

Flip the pages for Will, enjoying his time in Mumbai without Jada.

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