Ukraine and Russia–It Is A Math Problem


If the Florida State Excessive College championship baseball staff performed one sport in opposition to the New York Yankees, who do you assume would win? The Yankees after all. So why on the planet would any sane particular person consider that Ukraine can or would defeat Russia in a army contest? Simply have a look at the numbers at the beginning of the battle in February:

Not included on this picture is a comparability of the scale of Naval and Air forces. Firstly of the battle in February, Ukraine had 112 combat aircraft. Russia, in contrast, had 1558. In different phrases, 14 occasions the scale of the Ukrainian Air Power. The identical for transport plane and helicopters. With respect to helicopters, Ukraine fielded 15 MI-8s whereas the Russian rotary wing fleet counted 1397. Benefit Russia by an element of 93 occasions.

What concerning the Navy:

As of 2022, the Ukrainian navy had 15,000 personnel, together with 6,000 naval infantry. . . and 4 floor vessels.

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Russia has three most important fleets–the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Northern Fleet

Within the Black Sea alone, Russia grossly outnumbers Ukraine’s nominal presence:

Why belabor the purpose? On what foundation did anybody in Ukraine, the US or NATO indulge the fantasy that Ukraine had a snowballs probability within the fiery realms of Hell of matching up with Russia?

As of right now, Russia claims to have destroyed the next tools deployed by Ukraine since February 24:

  • 290 airplanes
  • 152 helicopters
  • 1,889 drones
  • 373 anti-aircraft missile methods
  • 4845 tanks
  • 825 a number of rocker launchers
  • 3,369 area artillery and mortars
  • 5,343 particular army automotve tools

Which means Russia not solely has destroyed Ukraine’s stockpiles that existed at the beginning of the battle, however it’s eliminating planes, tanks and MRLS methods subsequently offered by NATO and the US.

Has Ukraine destroyed some Russian plane, helicopters, tanks and armored automobiles? Sure. However so what. Russian losses are solely a minuscule fraction of their complete energy and Russia, not like Ukraine, has factories which can be persevering with to provide tools and weapons misplaced or expended through the course of this battle.

So with these numbers in thoughts, rigorously take into account what is occurring to Ukraine’s army pressure in its present offensive. It’s being decimated. Capturing a rural village or two or pushing the Donetsk or Luhansk militias backwards a number of kilometers is tactically insignificant.

The reality of the matter is that Russia is counting on the Donbas militias to do the majority of the entrance line combating as a result of it’s dwelling for these militias. Claims that the Russian army has suffered main casualties is delusional as a result of the Russian forces are within the rear and offering hearth assist–floor and air–to the Donbas militias. Sure, there are some Russian troops on the frontlines in some locations, however the chilly, arduous reality is that Russia has not dedicated a good portion of its complete army forces to the battle. Not but, anyway.

The truth, which the US and NATO are detest to just accept, is that Russia’s defeat of the Ukrainian army is inevitable; even when the US or NATO made the suicidal determination to ship their very own forces into the fray.

In case you are searching for an excellent abstract of the army state of affairs dealing with Ukraine, take time to learn the current prolonged interview with Swiss Military Colonel Jacques Baud. Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite:

The intention of this guide is to point out how the misinformation propagated by our media has contributed to push Ukraine within the incorrect course. I wrote it beneath the motto “from the way in which we perceive crises derives the way in which we resolve them.”

By hiding many facets of this battle, the Western media has offered us with a caricatural and synthetic picture of the state of affairs, which has resulted within the polarization of minds. This has led to a widespread mindset that makes any try to barter just about not possible.

The one-sided and biased illustration offered by mainstream media shouldn’t be meant to assist us resolve the issue, however to advertise hatred of Russia. Thus, the exclusion of disabled athletes, cats, even Russian trees from competitions, the dismissal of conductors, the de-platforming of Russian artists, resembling Dostoyevsky, and even the renaming of paintings goals at excluding the Russian inhabitants from society! In France, financial institution accounts of people with Russian-sounding names had been even blocked. Social networks Fb and Twitter have systematically blocked the disclosure of Ukrainian crimes beneath the pretext of “hate speech” however allow the call for violence in opposition to Russians.

None of those actions had any impact on the battle, besides to stimulate hatred and violence in opposition to the Russians in our nations. This manipulation is so unhealthy that we might somewhat see Ukrainians die than to hunt a diplomatic resolution. As Republican Senator Lindsey Graham recently said, it’s a matter of letting the Ukrainians combat to the final man.

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