The Time of Separation of the USA is Rapidly Approaching


QUESTION: Marty, is Steve Bannon one other pre-election ploy to place a spike within the coronary heart of Republicans for the elections?


ANSWER: In fact. Claiming that you simply raised cash after which didn’t disclose you had been paying salaries is admittedly stretching it. You possibly can put each charity in jail for the exact same factor. How a lot actually goes to the administration and never the folks they declare?

The fraud declare could be very ambiguous. I suggested on so many takeovers and main corps they had been positive they might have gotten me on insider buying and selling. HSBC even got here to me to ask me about shopping for Republic Nationwide Financial institution in April 1999. I advised them to rely their fingers and ensure they nonetheless had their arm.

Advising all over the world meant I needed to adjust to everybody’s legal guidelines. My attorneys on each continent concluded I simply couldn’t have any private accounts for buying and selling. I needed to give that up and that’s the reason I used to be the very best paid on this planet and will stroll into all of the central banks and authorities wealth funds BECAUSE all of them knew there have been no conflicts of curiosity.

It was so unhealthy that if I had owned one share of Republic Financial institution and I suggested HSBC on the takeover, I must disclose my complete portfolio, not simply the one share of Republic, after which disclose purchase my recommendation to purchase meant I may revenue $10 or regardless of the bid could be. It was completely insane.

It grew to become a alternative between being an investor and an advisor. I couldn’t be each.

That’s the considering technique of any prosecutor. NEVER let your baby ever marry one. They’re skilled to lie, deceive, and are genuinely dishonest with a purpose to do the job.

After my case started, the lead prosecutor Richard Owens simply stated, you’re one good SOB. They may not discover something. As an alternative of operating a clear store, I used to be simply so good they might not show something but absolutely I needed to have one thing hidden. For the financial institution, out of the blue he advised the reality that the notes had been in yen. For me, he saved claiming it was {dollars}. He would use completely different theories on a regular basis.

I submitted a movement to compel him to clarify even what my case was about. They tried to say I used to be professional see and I didn’t know the regulation to defend myself. I moved for dismissal as a result of if I didn’t know the regulation to defend myself, then I couldn’t knowingly violate any regulation. Decide McKenna smiled and ordered them to reply. He then went to Chief Decide, had my case taken away from that Decide, and reassigned to Decide Kennan who instantly denied that movement. They sealed the docket so I can’t see how they did that which violated my Due Course of Rights however the Structure is only a “guideline” – not binding to those folks.

That’s the actual world of regulation – it’s as corrupt as you count on in China, Nicaragua, or Venezuela. As Thrasymachus warned Socrates even in a Democracy, justice shall be solely what the federal government says it’s. That is what we’re seeing with Trump and Bannon.

As soon as the Rule of Legislation collapses, the top is just not too far down the street. They’re destroying our nation proper earlier than our eyes. As I’ve stated, the pc wars that we could not even see a presidential election in 2024. Subsequent yr would be the yr from Political Hell. This quest to win in any respect prices right here in 2022 will divide the nation deeply and this WOKE agenda is harmful dividing everybody so there is no such thing as a extra We the Folks.

Our laptop has NEVER been unsuitable. This was the pc forecast from 2018. It has been exhibiting 2023 as the beginning and 2026 could be the Panic Cycle. I’m not wanting ahead to 2023 within the least. The Democrats are determined and they’re going to NOT tolerate a Republican victory which may overturn their agenda that has been choreographed by the World Financial Discussion board.

That is the Array yow will discover on our previous web site with the Wayback Machine. In 1998 it projected a Panic Cycle in 2008, which was proper on course. There are many individuals who hate my guts. I actually don’t give a shit. That is NOT my private opinion. They hate me as a result of it initiatives one thing they normally need the other to occur like in gold. They markets are right here to TEACH us the way to learn them and see what lies forward. The previous whispers to us quietly. We’ve got to concentrate if you wish to hear the message.

Scream all you need. Hate me all you need. What shall be shall be. I used to be in jail when the mannequin peaked in 2007.15 which was the exact day of the height within the Schiller Actual Property Index after which the Panic of 2008. That proved it was not me and private affect.

Julius Caesar stated way back, that males are prepared to imagine what they want. I do know it’s IMPOSSIBLE to argue with a idiot or somebody indoctrinated into regardless of the perception. You possibly can solely assist these with an open thoughts and willingness to have a look at the info from an UNBIASED perspective.

Obama gained the overall election with 52.9% of the favored vote. I’ve stated many occasions, that the one presidents ever elected with greater than 60% had been FDR, Johnson after the Kennedy Assassination, and Richard Nixon. Everybody else wins with usually lower than 55%. That is NOT a Democracy. We dwell in a Republic. ALL republics collapse from inside. There shall be no enemy that defeats America, we’re doing that fairly nicely with out the assistance of Putin or Xi. You can not do what Biden is doing utilizing a few percents to impose a dictatorship.

We’re approaching that fateful day when it is going to be time to only prove the lights on the American Dream than has become an American Nightmare. The attitudes in California, Oregon, and Washington State, are so overseas to these within the South, that they could as nicely be their very own separate nation. The time of separation is approaching, for that’s the solely method freedom to pursue your personal happiness and dwell your life the best way you need to as a substitute of how another person tells you you have to adjust to their concept will ever be potential once more.

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