Six Months Hard Time for Criticizing Radical Islam


Michael Stürzenberger was attacked within the metropolis of Gladbeck August 20

Main German Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger was sentenced to 6 months in jail for criticizing Islam. The outspoken activist vowed to attraction and to maintain combating.

Michael Stürzenberger turned an Islam critic after the 2008 Mumbai Bloodbath, when his colleague and TV producer Ralph Burkei was killed after leaping from a resort window within the Taj Mahal Lodge, together with 165 different victims. Stürzenberger has since developed into essentially the most distinguished critic of what he calls “political Islam” in Germany, on a par with Tommy Robinson in UK, with whom he has appeared a number of occasions at PEGIDA rallies in Dresden.

Together with former Al-Qaida member turned Islam critic Irfan Peci, Stürzenberger has been holding soapbox-style rallies in German cities to tell in regards to the risks of radical Islam, during which he bravely engages in public debate with all comers, and is routinely insulted, threatened and even attacked by Muslims attempting to show they symbolize “the Faith of Peace”.

On August 20, unknown assailants threw objects at Stürzenberger within the industrial city of Gladbeck, hitting a handicapped girl on the top. When Stürzenberger gave chase, he was additionally hit on the top by a thrown object and knocked down.

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Stürzenberger’s speeches are exceedingly well-researched and depend on genuine quotes from the Koran. He all the time makes very clear he’s not attacking “all Muslims,” however merely criticizing “political Islam,” which seeks to infiltrate and usurp Western societies.

Nonetheless, activist judges and leftist prosecutors hold looking for a approach to shut Stürzenberger up and abolish free speech the place Islam is anxious. The verdicts border on the ridiculous:

In August 2017, a courtroom in Munich sentenced him to jail for exhibiting a photograph criticizing the anti-semitic alliance between Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem, as a result of the picture featured a swastika. The clearly scandalous verdict was struck down on attraction December 8, 2017.

In July 2019, Stürzenberger was fined €1800 in  Fürth for protecting the license plate of a van used at a rally (he’s routinely stalked by Antifa and threatened by offended Muslims). The ridiculous sentence was later struck down.

Since Stürzenberger and Peci launched on their Germany tour 2022, the authorities have been doing every little thing they’ll to cease them. In March he was given a suspended sentence in Augsburg for “triggering damaging feelings” by criticizing Islamic terror and anti-semitism. Stürzenberger is interesting the sentence.

Now, the Hamburg courtroom has gone a step additional and really desires to place Germany’s main Islam critic behind bars for six months, the place his life will probably be in grave hazard as a result of excessive variety of Muslims in German prisons, for the crime of “Inciting Hatred”, Stürzenberger reported on PI News.

Talking to Gateway Pundit at present, Stürzenberger described how Decide Engel had appeared to pay attention moderately to their arguments, then returned after 5 minutes of deliberation with a vitriolic harangue that accused Stürzenberger of inspiring hate in opposition to Muslims. “It was like he bought a cellphone name in chambers that prompted him to utterly change character”, Stürzenberger stated.”I’ve by no means seen something prefer it.”

Stürzenberger could be very anxious he’ll really be despatched to jail now, which he very opossibly wouldn’t survive. He and his legal professional Hendrik Schnelle will attraction the decision. “Pax Europa Movement” is gathering donations.

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